The very best extra virgin olive oil completely personalised

Personalized extra virgin olive oil



All custom-made options will make your extra virgin olive oil unique in four easy steps and from 6 units. The completely personalised label: you can choose the image and words, 4 types of extra virgin olive oil, both organic and conventional, 6 different bottle sizes and shapes, bottle neck covers and lids in the colour that best compliments your design using La Espanola DIY.

The first digital platform in the olive oil sector that allows you to place your order of extra virgin olive oil completely personalised.

A unique gift for all your customers

The company gift that your customers will never forget, completely custom-made with your logo or brand image, as well as the key commercial message since the label allows space for it. Using simple steps, delivery between 7-10 days, your customers and you will be able to enjoy the perfect gift.

Share your very own product

The gift that you can enjoy with family or friends remembering those special moments that are reflected in your design. Remember to choose the best image and the most beautiful words for a unique DIY extra virgin olive oil.

Live the DIY experience

Choose the type of extra virgin olive oil from La Española DIY that you like the most, you can choose from conventional or organic varieties.

You can style the label, choose the bottle and the coordinating colours of the cap and bottle neck cover to produce your very own unique, custom-made product.

You can place your order, minimum 6 units, with delivery between 7-10 days wherever you want.


Receive your order
between 7 and 10 days

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